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Thursday, December 24, 2015

An Epic Catch

You're gonna catch a fish here..

Brandon's words to me after we spotted a huge trout sucking bugs in the pool below. We had stopped for lunch by a river gorge with the most beautiful turquoise water and standing pools that looked atleast 30 feet deep. I watched as the fish darted side to side for food and then reposition itself with every bite. We were maybe 15 feet up on a cliff, there was no way I could land this fish, even if I did hook it. "We'll figure that out later" Brandon said to me. A little apprehensive I lay my cast maybe 10 feet ahead of the fish's nose and let it drift, careful not to spook it. Nothing. Again I try, but unsuccessful. I pull my line up and change the bug while I myself am getting eaten alive by sandflies, a small black bug that leave a welt the size of a pin head but itches over the course of two weeks and then turns to a scar (I never did learn to not scratch). Once again I throw my line in front of the fish and let it drift, but this time the fish darts to the side, and I see his mouth open as he takes my nymph. I set the hook, and smash my foot behind a branch hoping I don't lose my balance. The fight is on for the biggest fish of my life. All I can think to myself is please don't lose this fish.

Ten minutes go by and I'm still high on the gorge cliff, playing the fish as he shoots deep into the pool. I feel brandon behind me brush an army of sandflies off me, I'm definitely loosing that battle right now, but I don't care, I'll deal with the welts later. I finally tire the fish, and Brandon has been gone for a while now, searching for a way down to the water. With a little team work and a lot of luck, we make our way down to the waters edge, I could've sworn that was a gift from god. How on earth did we find our way down here?! With adrenaline pumping through my body I'm on hyper mode and I can't stop shaking, we nearly fall into the river, camera, rod and all, and I still haven't pulled out my fish. I take a breath calm my nerves, and reach for the fish, got him! SHIT the rod! Down in the water it goes. The colorful rainbow stares at me bug eyed, still stunned by the battle. I recompose, salvage the rod, and pose for a few pictures before releasing the beautiful beast back to his waters.


  1. Hi. First of all happy New Year. May both of you be healthy and enjoying your EndlessAdventure. I have been following your Instagram for a few months now and about 3-4 weeks ago I found that you had this blog so I started reading it and enjoying the story of your adventures. I, myself, like the outdoors and traveling. This summer I'm am planing to walk about 70 miles of the Appalachian Tail, so I understand some of what you write about connecting with nature while backpacking. Please continue writing, not only for my delight, but for you and the memories that you are building throughout this journey and step that you are in your life.

    Will be praying for both so you can continue this journey and return back home safe and with health.


    1. Ricardo, Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you are enjoying our blog! It's so cool to know more than just family is reading it :)
      The Appalachian Trail sounds so great; demanding, but well worth the effort! If you start a blog during your travels please let me know what it is so we can follow along as well, I would love to walk part of the trail sometime in my life.
      My husband is the photographer (i write) and he uses a Gopro 3+ black, one of the older versions, and we love it. I think any of their products work great for adventure shots (their very durable), and he uses a nikon for all other shots.

      Happy New Year to you and good luck with your ventures!

  2. I forgot to ask you a question. What camera are you using for the underwater shots?


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