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Thursday, March 26, 2015

On The Road

March 18, 2015

We have constantly been on the go and have finally found a place to relax for a bit and do some internetting. You wouldn't think finding wifi would be a difficult task but when your trying to spend as little as possible (camping/ cooking dinners/ the occasional beer during sunset) wifi becomes exceedingly difficult to come by being that every place that offers it comes with a price-- hotel room, coffee, breakfast. Anyways, we are now relaxing in a beautiful lodge in Jackson-- I think we might even buy a beer later! Who knew how exciting having a beer at a bar would be.

The first few days of our road trip have been incredible to say the least. Here is a brief overview of our journey thus far...

After staying in Seattle an extra 2 days, Brandon was finally able to get me out of the city. We were in fact "homeless" at this point and I guess we couldn't invade Mel's apartment too much longer. We started off for Missoula, MT and drove a solid 7 hours before arriving at an old Sorority Sister's home. We caught up for a few hours had some local brews and went on with our adventure. Luckily her husband is an avid fisherman as well and was able to recommend a great fishing spot. While there were quite a few other fishermen on the water the next day, it was nice to get out in the sun and fish. It's been a while since we have been able to do that! By late day we were tired and burnt, and it was time for some grub (peanut butter and jelly), we felt it was best to save as much as possible being that we are unemployed now. We drove to Salmon, ID that night and found the most serene camp sight. We were completely on our own and had a 360 degree vista of the mountains. We cracked a beer enjoyed the views and boiled our freeze dried soup-- I wouldn't say it was delicious, but it would do.

The next morning we woke up bright and early and fixed a strong french press (with seattle coffee that we freshly ground before we left) and I have to say, what a great way to start off the morning; cool mountain breeze, sunshine, delicious coffee, and family- I wouldn't have it any other way. We cleaned up our camp and headed out for a hike. Destination: Gold Bug Hot Springs. This was no ordinary hike I tell you. It was the most glorious destination after a beautiful 3 mile hike. There are no words to describe the peacefulness that we felt once we arrived. Not a soul was up there; just us, our pup Kelty, and of course an extra french press we packed. We strip down, hop in the natural hot springs and enjoy a relaxing soak in tranquility. Almost 2 hours later we decided we were pruned up enough and we dry off and make our way back down. Just in time for the next people to arrive... and the next... and the next. We timed it perfectly! By the time we left there had to have been over 20 people making their way up to the springs. The early bird definitely got the worm in this case!

While our soak was amazing, the day was not yet over so we headed to West Yellow Stone and found an old fishing spot that we used to love when we were living in Colorado. We fished until dark and headed back into town for some live music and dancing. Needless to say we passed out when our heads finally hit the pillow

Getting up the following morning was a little more difficult that other days. After 3 straight days of oatmeal in the morning, pb&j for lunch, and soup for dinner we were feeling extremely malnourished. i'm talkin' constant hunger. We splurged (!) on breakfast this morning had had eggs and hashbrowns and toast. while it was so yummy, i think my stomach must have shrunk because one egg and a half piece of toast in i was full. oh well, my belly was full and both of us were happy. Off to fishing we go!

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