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Monday, June 8, 2015

Petchaburi, Thailand


Guesthouse:  JJ Home (2 nights)


  • Getting a ride from the local school kids on their motorbike to our guesthouse
  • Riding bikes in the monsoon
  • Buddha cave

On the surface, Petchaburi is nothing exciting, and it's a town that isn't on the normal "tourist" track. I think that's why we liked it so much. We didn't spend much time here but as soon as we arrived, we were immediately greeted with kindness. As a traveler, you don't always know where your going, so you rely on information from locals. We stopped some kids near a school to ask them where our guest house was. They looked like they were about 15 years old, and kids usually know a little more English than adults. One by one the kids came over trying to help us find where we were going. Speaking Thai, then broken English. No one knew where our guest house was. Finally one of them knew, success! She started to draw a map and said "very far walk, we take you on our bike." Sweet! Unsure how I would fit on this tiny girls motorbike with two bags, I had make it work. I was so happy to not be walking through 90 something degree weather and humidity higher than I'd ever felt.

The main attraction here is Khao Luang Cave. This impressive cave is set in Khao Luang hill which is almost 100 meters high, just North of town. It consists of a number of caverns filled with beautifully illuminated golden Buddha images, and many stalactites hanging from the ceiling formed over the centuries by dripping water. The rays of the sun shining through a hole at the ceiling of the cave illuminates the chambers, giving the Buddha images a mystical appearance. The cave has a serene and quite atmosphere. While Thai tourists snap pictures, Buddhist people pay their respect by burning candles and incense sticks.

It was at this point when we decided that we couldn't take the heat anymore and we hopping on the next train to our first beach location - Koh Tao.

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