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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Very Short Visit- Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Islands
14th-16th June 2015

Continuing our way through the Southern Part of Thailand our next stop (prior to Khao Sok) was Koh Phi Phi, a very popular tourist destination particularly for young 20 somethings looking to party. Not knowing this Brandon and I picked a centrally located guest house smack dab in party central. We explored the island by foot and scheduled a dive for the next day. Unfortunately, this time of year is the rainy season on the Andaman Sea side (Thailand's West coast) and our dive was cancelled. Instead we spent the morning writing and looking a pictures, and enjoying our down time. That evening when the rain subsided we hiked to a nice view point overlooking the island. This short hike through a quietly secluded jungle was the best part of our visit. Along the way we came across a beautiful snorkeling beach with an array of sea life and finally got away from the droves of people.

Back near the guesthouse we strolled around a bit, ate subpar Westernized food, and went to sleep as the thump thump of the loud base next door streamed through every single vein in our bodies. This is probably the most crowded destination we had been to thus far which ultimatly made us change our itinerary (for the better) to avoid other touristy areas including Pucket and the southern island of Phi Phi with the famous Maya Beach on it. There's nothing like an overcrowed beach of tourists to ruin an experience, and in my opinion, no reason to waste the money.

We didn't take many pictures of our few days on Phi Phi, and I think the loud music playing 100% of the time made me go a bit crazy. It's a very small island and because of the influx of tourism, there is trash nearly everywhere and few prestine beaches. Needless to say we are not fond of the tourist destinations and headed out shortly after we arrived.

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